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Promote and create harmony among lease members of the Miami Tract Buck Lake Unit Lease. Provide group effort on work projects. To promote hunting as a family heritage and foster youth hunting at every opportunity.


Bear Management Meeting

Wednesday - September 8, 2010

6:00 PM

Deltona City Hall

2345 Providence Rd Deltona, FL


Guest/Minor Hold Harmless Forms
Land Development Updates

Over many generations hunters have long enjoyed the use of the Farmton Tree Farm land. Many head off to a favorite stand, just to drive the roads and see the wildlife without even a thought of the outside world.  For many Farmton is a longtime friend who welcomes you home each time you drive through the gates. 

It is unfortunate for lease members that the prospect of developing the Miami Tract will eventually sever the relationship we have with the land.  Miami Corp is making financial and environmental impact decisions hand in hand, as they seek the best opportunity for the land and the corporate bottom line.  The plans are comprehensive and include preserving portions of the land in a natural state, business and industry to grow jobs, single and multi-family homes, schools for children to learn and grow, and a nature trail provided by the state, Volusia and Brevard counties.  Miami Corp. has dedicated a website to keep people informed of the Farmton-Green Key Project.  Please peruse the website and learn the strides Miami Corp is taking to provide a new city in Florida.

Rails to Trails
Volusia County has approved a funding grant for construction of the East Central Regional Rail Trail that will cut through Farmton.   Both Brevard and Volusia Counties have pproved the comprehensive land development plans.




MAIL: Buck Lake Hunt Club 
          c/o Conaway           

          4054 Sweet Bay Drive           
          Mims FL 32754


Lease Holder:
Mike Thomas